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Deans QA Carl Zeithaml Of University of Virginia

Deans QA: Carl Zeithaml Of University of Virginia by: Alison Damast on June 27, 2014 | 1 Comment Comments 1,480 Views June 27, 2014Carl ZeithamlCarl Zeithaml is practically an institution at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, now serving his fourth term as the dean of undergraduate business school. He took helm in 1997, and is one of the longest serving deans at the University of Virginia. Under his leadership, the school has garnered a reputation as one of the leading undergraduate business programs in the country. The school is currently ranked as number two in Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2013 ranking and number five in U.S. News World Report’s 2013 ranking of best undergraduate business programs.Zeithaml, a strategic management expert, has deep ties to the university, beyond just the dean’s office. Several of his five children have attended the University of Virginia, with some attending the McIntire School. During his seventee n-year-tenure at McIntire, he has been one of the primary drivers behind developing some of the school’s landmark programs, including an innovative core curriculum with corporate sponsors including Rolls-Royce and Alcoa. Other accomplishments include developing a leadership minor and creating a roster of international study experiences for students.For students, he’s a familiar face on campus, one that many of them see every day in the classroom. Zeithaml, a strategic management professor, teaches a section of one of core classes that all business students are required to take, giving him hands-on experience with students, as well as insight into the next generation of business leaders, he says.Zeithaml recently spoke with PoetsQuants’ Alison Damast about his thoughts on today’s competitive undergraduate business education landscape, job prospects for students, and what he sees as some of the advantages of having a two-year business program.Why do you thi nk there has been an explosion in undergraduate business education, and what are some of the reasons for it?  I think there are some obvious reasons driving this; the economy, the rising cost of education and people looking for a return on their investment. But I also think that the undergraduate business programs are the best they have ever been. I think that they really focus on innovative learning for the students that are enrolled in these programs, and emphasize many of the themes that are important today in education. Certainly at our school we emphasize things like integration, not only of business disciplines, but integration with other important disciplines, whether they be analytics, global issues or the liberal arts and the humanities. I think that business school and undergraduate programs have been leaders in terms of really focusing on these issues.We’re also leading the way in terms of innovative teaching techniques. I think there is a lot going on inside and outside of the classroom providing tremendous value to students. The students themselves are recognizing that the teaching and the content of the programs that we offer are leading the way in these areas.What type of demand are you seeing at your school for your undergraduate business program, and how competitive is it to get in?  We are a two-year-program, so students come to the University of Virginia enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, and in January of their second year they apply to transfer to the Commerce School for their third and fourth years. We transfer around 315, 320 students per year. Prior to this year, our all-time record was 535 applications from the second-year class. This year, we had 577 applications so we not only broke our all-time record, we demolished it.The quality of the pool is also exceptional. The average GPA of students in the pool is about a 3.6, and their average SATS are over 1400. They are almost, without exception, some of the most eng aged students on the grounds that they tend to be leaders in whatever kinds of activities they are involved in.What are some of the unique aspects of your curriculum, and how does that help prepare students for a difficult job market?One of the really important things to understand about our program is that we are significantly differentiated from the experience that most students have in other parts of the university. That is in practice because we have the most integrative and innovative core curriculum offered. We call it the Integrated Core Experience (ICE), and if you ask essentially any student on the grounds about the Commerce School, one of the things they talk about is ICE and what an amazing experience it is. It is very rigorous, but it has elements to it that really do define it in a way that the students believe is exceptional and, obviously, the faculty work very hard on it.For example, we have eight sections in ICE that we call blocks. Each of the blocks meets three ho urs a day, four days a week for the first month, and offers a highly integrated curriculum. There are four teaching teams, and each team covers two blocks. The first module in the core curriculum is called strategies and systems, and is primarily taught by a strategy faculty member, a faculty member from the information technology group and a communication technology professor.I’m a strategy faculty member, and I teach two blocks. For that first month, I’m in the classroom virtually 100 percent of the time with an information technology professor. Each of the teaching team blocks has corporate sponsors, and executives from the corporations not only sponsor but come in and talk about the company. This year our sponsors are Rolls-Royce, ABB, Alcoa and Major League Baseball. Students analyze the company, and the company actually provides them with real integrative projects that are the focus of students’ work through the fall semester. Then the students provide a p roject report at the end and have to do a comprehensive presentation. Executives from these sponsor companies come in and spend usually a couple of days with the faculty watching the presentations, critiquing them and grading them. It really brings a very real-world applied emphasis to the work they are doing. That kind of experience is really extraordinary. The students who are interested in business realize that they are going to be taught in a different way and be organized in a different way. Page 1 of 212 »

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The Fundamentals of Establishing a Networking to Successfully Get a Degree Essay Samples Revealed

The Fundamentals of Establishing a Networking to Successfully Get a Degree Essay Samples Revealed The Dirty Facts on Establishing a Networking to Successfully Get a Degree Essay Samples It is a complicated procedure that involves establishing and after that building upon relationships. In different senses, online community services are believed to be social-networking services but they're group-centered services unlike the individual-centered ones. The aim of this form of networking is to guarantee coordination and cooperation among people who need to know and trust one another so as to accomplish their immediate tasks. For example if an individual who need work, by leveraging their contacts there could be some bright opportunity to have a job. The Chronicles of Establishing a Networking to Successfully Get a Degree Essay Samples Or, it may come after you've been in a postdoc position for 4 decades and are trying to provide for your children. This may be said because network ing will actually help, not just to get a job but also to boost our career. But that's the entire point. Master's degrees might also be a very good solution for students based on their career objectives. This is particularly true for PhDs. Needless to say, that never happened. Social networking consists of various distinctive websites and is used around the world by many folks. It is a means of communication whereby a CEO might be separated from the clerk. It is not a random venture. It is a great way to tap into advice and expertise that you wouldn't otherwise be able to get hold of. Social networking can be thought of as a fantastic thing by several but those are the ones that aren't mindful of the overcoming negative sides. With the debut of social media tools on the web, the practice of meeting new people has received a cyberspace twist. So ask the correct questions to figure out if the person who you are networking with knows who you wish to understand! Follow up until you begin to build an actual relationship built on trust. Facts, Fiction and Establishing a Networking to Successfully Get a Degree Essay Samples When you consider it, an essay actually answers questions a reader might ask. Yes, you might highlight key points which have been mentioned in your essay but you want to refrain from repeating what has already been stated. An essay has a specific structure. A typical essay comprises various information that's often located at specific portions of the essay. This is particularly true in the world today. This permits people to make new friend s and provides the world a more friendly society because a growing number of individuals are becoming friends around the world. Folks could pass themselves as a sixteen year-old girl but could actually be a forty year-old man who's looking to make the most of a person who will think they either know the man or they are the exact same age. Social Networks also eliminate the issue of speaking to someone on the opposite side of earth and somebody who follows a different religion. Establishing a Networking to Successfully Get a Degree Essay Samples When you've established a very good contact, make certain to ask if they have suggestions for people they know who may be able to provide you additional perspectives on a topic. Those of us who say that social networking is positive, disagree since they say that it's not an invasion of privacy as it helps obtain information. Make certain you regularly attend business and societal events which will help to receive your face known. Hand your new contact your company card. Then they need to be placed at major network interconnection points that are often subject to high real estate expenses. The bus topology is likewise not very scalable if you are in possession of a small network it's going to be tough to expand it. Send them connections which will help build their network. Among the disadvantages of a bus topology is that in the event the cable used breaks, the full cable should be replaced, and in the event the cable is too long it's going to hard to learn where the cable is broken. In case the business wants to have each office on the identical network, they would have to somehow connect the LANs together. Sooner or later, everyone wants a larger network. In any event, acquiring a bigger network is the solution to your problems. It will help you see more options and solutions than you would be able to see on your own. There are several different advantages and disadvantages of social networks. So, in evaluating the advantages and pitfalls of social networking it is far better be on the side of caution and data. Among the disadvantages is teenagers become addicted by utilizing social media websites. One of the principal reasons to network is to raise productivity and cut all the unnecessary expenses. We have seen a number of managers resolve to put networking at the very top of their agendas, simply to be derailed by the very first crisis that appears. A group of business employees would love to establish a little networking office. While operators have achieved service load balancing, idle servers aren't essentially switched off as a result of should keep spare capacity easily available.

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Gender Roles Of Women s Collective Identity Essay

Gender is one social division in society that plays a significant role in people’s collective identity. While the male gender is the privileged gender in New Zealand’s society, New Zealand’s view of masculinity in the 21st century is still an area for many social struggles and contestation. Ideas of masculinity are instilled at such a young age and people are socialized to feel pressure to conform to gender norms because they are taught to insult or degrade those who are different. This paper will look at the work of Richard Pringle (2007) and Shane Town (1999) to explore some of New Zealand’s ideas of the male gender and sexuality in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Word count: 110 Richard Pringle: Richard Pringle (2007) work raises the important and sometimes overlooked topic of male masculinity. Pringle (2007) starts of his work by pointing out that the construction of masculinity in society is complex. It is different for each social context and person. This immediately creates a tension of where each individual sits in the society in which they live. It also means that literature is theoretical and often key ideas are generalised. It would be an overwhelming piece of research (although now technologically feasible) to seek everyone’s opinion on issues. New Zealand society demonstrates the belief of a hegemonic masculine society. Hegemonic masculinity is defined by Pringle (2007) as the collective, dominate, social belief of the desirable way one should act male. Tony PorterShow MoreRelatedFeminist Student Culture And The Issues Of Postsecondary Education946 Words   |  4 Pagesthe perspectives of women and men and whether they support or are against feminist studen t culture. Lastly, the paper discusses recommendations and future research for student affairs professions to maintain feminist student culture in higher education. Understanding feminism Feminism in the United States is often separated into three waves (Vaccaro, 2009, Vernet Butera, 2005). The first wave began during the late 1800s to early 20th century, women began fighting for gender equality, emancipationRead MoreFeminism And The Third Wave Of Feminism1212 Words   |  5 Pagesmeans something completely different than what it did in the days of women s suffrage. No longer is feminism working on allowing women just to vote. It focuses on intersectionality, gender norms, women s reproductive rights, and so much more. We are in the third wave of feminism. In 2017 most millennials identify with third wave feminism or a variant of the movement and strive to abolish gender roles, patriarchy, and fight for women s rights and equality. Our distinct personal experiences and socialRead MoreFilm, Paris, Burning, And The Subculture Of Black And Latina / Os1387 Words   |  6 Pagesphenomenon incorporated dissing or â€Å"throwing shade,† referred to as voguing, in N ew York City during the 1980s, and mainly consisted of poor, people of color. These performative shows attempted to challenge and imitate dominant, white heteronormativity by role playing socially powerful categories like business executives and students, that poor, gay people of color are often denied opportunistic access to. Intersections of class highlight the devastating and somber effects of the consumeristic and capitalRead MoreIntersectionality Essay853 Words   |  4 Pageswasnt used as a term until the 1980’s by Kimberle Crenshaw, an american civil rights activist and feminist, as a label for the types of oppressions women of color experienced. This is crucial for our understanding of US womxy’s history. The term reflects to the reality that we all have multiple identities that intersect to make us who we are. The concept of feminism doesn’t just include activism for womens rights but for the rights of all sexes and identities (Bell hooks). Feminism is a politicalRead MoreVisual images Reinforce Traditional Gender and Sexuality Stereotypes948 Words   |  4 Pagesreinforce traditional gender and sexuality stereotypes through the manifestation of the masculine and feminine miens. An examination of print media advertisements highlights the social and cultural ideologies associated with traditional gender roles that are expected and imposed on by society. â€Å"Advertisements are deeply woven into the fabric of Western Culture, drawing on and reinforcing commonly held perceptions and beliefs† of gender and sexuality stereotypes. They have a strong role in shaping societyRead MoreGender Differences. Generalizations At Work To Be Aware1086 Words   |  5 PagesGender Differences Generalizations at Work to be Aware of: 1) Women talk about other people, while men talk about tangible things like business, sports, food, and drinks. 2) Women ask questions to gain an understanding, and men talk to give information rather than asking questions. 3) Women are more likely to talk to other women when a problem or conflict arises, while men are often known for dealing with problems or issues internally, and 4) women focus on feelings, senses and meaning. They relyRead MoreBlack Feminist Politics And Praxis1293 Words   |  6 PagesPolitics and theory grew out of many black women s feelings of dissatisfaction following the civil rights era, and the white female feminist movement throughout the 1960-1970s. During the early conceptualization process of black feminist theory, the women of this new movement, specifically Kimberlà © Crenshaw, came to name the term â€Å"intersectionality theory.† Black Feminist Politics and theory argues that sexism, racism, class oppression, and gender identity are intric ately bound together. ComplexlyRead MoreThe Common Denominator of Security and Feminism600 Words   |  3 Pagestheory and practice meet, it is about the struggles of the women`s movement and the theory that flows from their experiences, about women`s security understanding that transform our understanding of men`s security. The link between feminism and security points out that understanding security issues needs an enlargement to include specific security concerns and beliefs of women. This research emphasizes context-based interpretations of gender in human security. In respect of a widen concept of humanRead MoreInfluences On My Identity Essay1630 Words   |  7 PagesInfluences on My Identity Nursery walls painted baby blue, the bedding a classic Winnie-the-Pooh print. Stroller and car seat covered in neutral plaid. Footed onesies in shades of white, yellow, and green. A long list of unisex names from which to choose. Sifting through my baby book, it is easy to see tell that my parents had no clue what gender their new baby would be. That is, until I came into the world in a flurry of activity and someone—probably the doctor—announced â€Å"It s a girl!† My grandmotherRead MoreWomen s Education : An International Human Right Without Any Discrimination Based On Sex895 Words   |  4 PagesWomen`s education is an international human right without any discrimination based on sex or gender. It is necessary for identity social development and a means for a prosperous life. Constantly, the United Nations emphasized women`s education and set goals for its success with gender equality. Empowering women`s education is an essential element in growing societi es that seek democracy and economic advancement. For the last decade, Palestinian women education had been the concern for several reasons

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Mayflower A Story Of Courage, Community, And War

Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War by Nathaniel Philbrick Mayflower: A story of courage,community,and war is about the lives of Pilgrims and the new lifestyle they are entering. The mayflower was the ship that transported the Pilgrims to the New World in 1620. Mr.Philbrick discusses the relationships amongst the England Pilgrims and their new neighbors the Native Americans. Upon meeting, there is already distrust between the two groups because they do not fully know each other. The pilgrims and native americans are now on a long voyage to accumulate trust,build a relationship, adapt to the new lifestyle. Ten weeks into the journey,the mayflower was coming across the Atlantic Ocean. The voyage must be completed by the†¦show more content†¦The food supply starts to decrease and there are only seven houses that are built within that year on the region. While approaching winter, it is approximately two people who die per day due to hunger, the weather, and sickness.Several conflicts have occurred between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans that could lead to severe attacks. In one location of the New World, more than 175 Pilgrims begin to fight the local Native Americans for their goods and food supply which created excessive violence. According to Mr. Philbrick, there high levels of racism from both group . State officials of Massachusetts began to relocate several Native Americans off the Boston Harbor. The Pilgrims eventually meet some Native Americans in the area and are able to form a trading alliance that would benefit both parties. The pilgrims and native americans formed what is now called Thanksgiving. Massasoit was the most powerful Native American leader in the region. His group had been battling disease and approximately ninety percent of the region s Native Americans died from what may have been bubonic plague that had also killed some of the mayflower passengers. Furthermore, England was in a civil war and migration to the New World decreased. Some settlers returned to England and joined the impeachment of King Charles.The king ended up getting executed in 1649. After the execution, England became Puritan. England was nowShow MoreRelatedAmerican Dreams And The American Dream1728 Words   |  7 Pageshave been dreaming since the Mayflower arrived in the New World and the American Dream itself has withstood threats up until this very day to all of its internal characteristics: international peace, health, leadership, wealth, supremacy, and equality. H.W. Brands states in his book American Dreams that â€Å"Americans had dreamed since our national birth, and in the twenty-first century we are dreaming still†. Both Brands’ story and Nathaniel Philbrick’s account in Mayflower assist significantly in proving

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Organizational Learning Annotated Bibliography Essay

Bond, 2006. Working with Barriers to Organizational Learning. Networking for International Development. Retrieved from: Bond is the network for over 290 UK-based non-governmental organizations working in the international development and development education. The organization stresses the barriers to organizational learning as due to bias for action, failure to hold discussions, and lack of commitment. On the other hand, organizations may fail to grow due to political issues and these are most common in the United States. The writer then gives the solutions to these barriers, which among them are; changing the ways of thinking, transfer of†¦show more content†¦The transfer model utilized five stages that saw China grow into an industrious country within a short period. Some of the factors that influenced the transfer were related to environment, organizational, and cultural behavior. T he writer then concludes that there is no time that China will depend on the West to get solutions to their problems since through this transfer, China looks for the solutions using their own means and that they learned from them. Fornes, G. 2010. Chinese MNEs and Latin America: A review. UK: University of Bristol. The paper analyses the literature of internalization of companies from China and Latin America. The writer argues that the Chinese economy is one of the largest and speculates that the economy could be the world’s largest by the year 2025. The collaboration of the Chinese trade with that of LA aimed at improving the economy of the two countries. With China known as the best producers of electronic and machineries, their association with LA sees their economy growing big. The Chinese networks have a big impact in the international market since their management of organizations is effectively controlled by the government. In addition, the community and the government combine to ensure success of their country. Jabar, J. and Soosay, C. 2010. OrganizationalShow MoreRelatedHcs 465 (Health Care Research Utilization) Entire Class Assignme6475 Words   |  26 PagesAssignment, Annotated Bibliography Individual Assignment: Literature Review in Research: An Annotated Bibliography †¢ Resource: Literature Review in Research: An Annotated Bibliography Grading Criteria. †¢ Go to the Center for Writing Excellence. †¢ Click the Tutorials Guides link. †¢ Click the Annotated Bibliography link the under the Samples heading. You may use this format to create your annotated bibliography. †¢ Read: the Annotated Bibliography samplesRead MoreSuccess For Doctoral Education : Perspectives Of Faculty Essay912 Words   |  4 PagesUnited States. In addition, the study found four restrictions in the areas of: author bias, limitation of study due to research being based on a few departments at one institution, comparisons warranted at other institutions as well as ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 3 other disciplines needing further investigation, and lastly, the institution researched its own completion rate which varied when compared on a national level. In summary, in further understanding doctoral success outcomes, higherRead MoreBus 600 Cart the Learning Interface/Bus600Cartdotcom1067 Words   |  5 PagesBUS 600 Entire Course (Ash) FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT BUS 600 Week 1 Assignment Vision Statement BUS 600 Week 1 Assignment Annotated Bibliography BUS 600 Week 1 DQ 1 Importance of Communication BUS 600 Week 1 DQ 2 Ashford Learning Resources BUS 600 Week 2 Assignment Topic Thesis Statement for Research Paper BUS 600 Week 2 Assignment International and Intercultural Communication (2 Papers) BUS 600 Week 2 DQ 1 Reducing Communication Barriers BUS 600 Week 2 DQ 2 InterculturalRead MoreScientific Method and Health Care2524 Words   |  11 Pages | | | |Care | | | | |Learning Team Instructions |Begin working on the Trends and Consumerism in Health Care Presentation due in Week Five. | | | | |Review the Week One objectives and discuss additional insights andRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Reflection1032 Words   |  5 Pagesprocesses on how to write a paper, and learning a new way of creating an idea through electronical environments. Each assignment was different in the manner of finding appropriate information to compose ideas and thoughts. With the rhetorical analysis assignment, the information was right there. I had to look for clues in the context on what the author was trying to do when appealing to the ethos, logos, and pathos strategies. The exploratory and annotated bibliography project required a lot more researchRead MoreReflection On The Field Of Organizational Psychology963 Words   |  4 Pagesfor the issue being researched. Even though I learned a lot from this Research Theory course, there are still opportunities for improvement in certain areas. The areas I would like to see improvement is: knowledge of theories in the field of organizational psychology, becoming more fluent in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approach, improvement in writing skills, planning and timing just to name a few. According to Banna, knowing theories by researchers who have paved the way in aRead MoreEthical Leadership : A Study Of Its Effects On The Sustainability And Longevity Of International Organizations1826 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction This paper contains a brief annotated bibliography composed of five research articles selected on a specific research topic, which could be conducive towards a preliminary research proposal. The preliminary title of my research topic is â€Å"Institutionalized Ethical Leadership: A study of its effects on the sustainability and longevity of international organizations.† Annotated Bibliography Brown, M., Trevià ±o, L. (2014). Do Role Models Matter? An Investigation of Role Modeling as anRead MoreJohn Moody Case Study Essay1318 Words   |  6 Pagesimpacted by a recession. However, from the current information that I have obtained, it looks as if the economy is on the rise and will soon be back to normal. Recession is a serious issue, but hopefully our current let down in economy has been a learning experience and next time we will be better prepared and can prevent an equal disaster. Quality cut downs may not be noticeable in the short-run but in the long run consumers will notice if a company feels tries to save some money by cutting downRead MoreHrm Annotated Bibliography Essay1174 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Resource Management’s Leadership Development Programs and the Effects on Employee morale: An Annotated Bibliography Allen, D. G., Bryant, P. C., amp; Vardaman, J. M. (2010). Retaining Talent: Replacing Misconceptions with Evidence-Based Strategies. Academy Of Management Perspectives, 24(2), 48-64. doi:10.5465/AMP.2010.51827775 The authors of this article give the misconceptions of employee turnover by systematically breaking down myths that organizations tend to believe cause employeesRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography1705 Words   |  7 PagesAnnotated Bibliography Agocs, C. (1997). Institutionalized resistance to organizational change: Denial, inaction and repression.  Journal of Business Ethics,  16(9), 917-931. This article discusses the pros and cons of advocating change within the workplace. It also discusses the reason (s) individuals are said to resist change because of habit and inertia, fear of the unknown, absence of the skills they will need after the change, and fear of losing power. OD approaches to organizational change

The Making Of Darth Vader Parent Child Care And The Dark...

The Making of Darth Vader: Parent-child Care and the Dark Triad Stephanie Bradley Alabama State University Theories of Personality Section I: Summary Critique Studies have shown that children behave in a certain manner that is commonly related to the way they were raised. To be more precise, a child’s behavior can evolve from the way their parents treated them, at an age where they can remember when these events occurred. Theories agree; the manner one is treated as a child influences mating strategies (Bowlby, 1988; Chilsom, Quinlivan, Petersen, Coall, 2005). Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy have repeatedly been identified as aversive personality traits (Kowalski, 2001) characterized by entitlement, superiority, dominance, glib social charm, manipulativeness, and interpersonal antagonism. Stressful, harsh, or unstable child-parent relationships might activate an approach to life, captured by the Dark Triad, orienting individuals towards seeking immediate returns in mating ( Jonason, Valentine, Li, Harbeson, 2011) and social relationships ( Jonason Webster, 2012). In addition, according to (Del Giudice Belsky, 2010), parents have a profound effect on children; potentially generating different patterns of attachment (Barthlomew Horowitz, 1991). The types of attachment includes secure attachment, which is thought to result from a positive and affirming bond with one’s primary caregiver and to result in a tendency towards

Sustainability of Manufacturing and Services †

Question: Discuss about the Sustainability of Manufacturing and Services. Answer: Introduction A recent outbreak of the ransomware attack The following report discusses about the accounting system of the Motherboards and More Pty Ltd. The main emphasis of the report is a detailed description of the revenue cycle that is mainly followed by the organizations with it identification of the threads which is incorporated in the system which is followed by the organization. The working of the threat of the ransom ware attack and with the attack the recommendation for the company is put forward. The system of revenue which is mainly followed by the company (Motherboards and more Pvt Ltd) with the aspect that the company is a medium sized and the ownership is private is precise. The main functionality of the company is the manufacture of motherboard, card and microchips graphics repairs across the Australia in a central city and the departments are located on the outskirts of the town (Wells Bravender, 2016). The payment is taken by the company on a credit card option by means of placing the order for the goods through the online website of the company. The order is invoiced and the main order is send to the ware house in order to the packing of the goods. This is mainly incorporated by alphabetical manner of the customer (Harris Kaplan, 2015). The source number is usually twenty in number and the overall orders which are going out is mainly more than that. When any item is lost the workers puts the process of logging in item in the log book so the item can be received or updated in the record. Identification of threats The following table discusses about the different threats which is being faced by Motherboards and More Revenue Cycle: Internal Control Weaknesses There is no physical counting of the inventory items. Impact These Weaknesses If the items are not kept a track of then if something gets lost then it will not be found Specific Internal Controls Tagging the items in the inventory and then keeping a track of the location the item was last stored can help in the tracking of the lost items. Also keeping an active connective closed circuit camera would help in looking after the warehouse floor (Sittig Singh, 2016). There are many small internal weaknesses which is organization is facing in the due source of time. The factor of allowing the customer to buy goods on credit basis was one of the major factors concerned in the factor, this issue directly decreased the factor of profit. The use of dock for the incoming and the outgoing delivery of the item can be indicated as the second point of emphasis, this related to problem creation within the operation of the organization. In any organization the database in order to keep the record of the customers plays a vital role , the company lags behind in this field (Kharraz et al., 2015). The factors of the weakness have a varied impact on the organization. Putting emphasis on the sales operation team, the policy of the company to provide goods to the customer on a trail period of 30 days hampered the overall working of the team. Overview of the Ransom ware attack The main factor which caused the problem was a self-replicating software piece that mainly took advantage of the different vulnerabilities with the main focus on older versions of Microsoft windows. Finding an exposed target, it spreads from system to system. the attack of the ransom ware resulted in demand of ransom which varied from an amount of $US300 and it mainly accompanied increase in amount on an hourly basis. The security holes where disclosed several weeks after by the shadow brokers, this group was a mysterious group that mainly published different hacking tools which was used by the NSA (Collier, 2017). Right after the discloser the Microsoft company issued softwares which mainly included the patches which was made for the loop holes. On the other hand, it can also be stated that many companies did bot install the patches or used older versions of the operating system which did not support the patches which was oriented to protect the system (MohurlePatil, 2017). The most disruptive kind of attack was targeted towards the clinics and the hospital which were in Britain. The case forced to turn away patients after the access of the computer system was not allowed due to the attack. There were many other countries which were involved in the attack for example Spain, Russia, Portugal. Cyber extortionist mainly ticked the victims in order to open malicious attachment which had the malware in order to spam emails that mainly appear to be contained in job offers, invoices, warning which are related to security and other files of legitimate. Recommendations From the above discussion it can be stated that the most important aspect that is related to the problem is that is the company Motherboard and Pvt Ltd faces problem with the tracking of the goods in their warehouse. The items have been tagged and kept in the shelf. The items should be tagged and number with the help of a radio frequency identification tags (RFID). This would help in knowing the location of the product and if an unauthorized way were taken up to take the item out of the warehouse then the tags would help in informing the authorities about the item being taking out of the warehouse (Gupta Tripathi, 2017). Conclusion It can be concluded from the report that the ransom ware attack on the organization has faced many loss of data in aspect to the financial condition and related to the company. The detailed study of the case study is mainly based on the drawback which is related to the technical drawback related to the warehouse. References Andronio, N., Zanero, S., Maggi, F. (2015, November). Heldroid: Dissecting and detecting mobile ransomware. InInternational Workshop on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection(pp. 382-404). Springer International Publishing. Everett, C. (2016). Ransomware: to pay or not to pay?Computer Fraud Security,2016(4), 8-12. Faruki, P., Laxmi, V., Gaur, M. S., Vinod, P. (2012, October). Mining control flow graph as API call-grams to detect portable executable malware. InProceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Security of Information and Networks(pp. 130-137). ACM. Kharraz, A., Robertson, W., Balzarotti, D., Bilge, L., Kirda, E. (2015, July). Cutting the gordian knot: A look under the hood of ransomware attacks. InInternational Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment(pp. 3-24). Springer, Cham. Mercaldo, F., Nardone, V., Santone, A., Visaggio, C. A. (2016, June). Ransomware steals your phone. formal methods rescue it. InInternational Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems(pp. 212-221). Springer, Cham. O'Gorman, G., McDonald, G. (2012).Ransomware: A growing menace. Symantec Corporation. Pathak, D. P., Nanded, Y. M. (2016). A dangerous trend of cybercrime: ransomware growing challenge.International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Engineering Technology (IJARCET) Volume,5. Song, S., Kim, B., Lee, S. (2016). The effective ransomware prevention technique using process monitoring on android platform.Mobile Information Systems,2016.